About Us

MANAV CHARITIES is a registered NGO - non-profitable, secular, voluntary organization registered under Society’s registration act in the year 1999.It is established by a group of likeminded people for the development of the society in the area of Education, Health and Community Services.

The governing body members are people from different walks of life and have individual capacities. They have held prominent positions in government departments and in businesses where policy making, program conceptualization and implementation for desired delivery for rural development were a part of their core responsibilities.

Received Rotary International Public Relation Award and 13 other Rotary District awards during 1999 – 2000 as President of Rotary Bangalore Peenya.
Honored by Helen Keller Association Bangalore and Department of Youth Services jointly.

“Servant of the poor” Award by CNRI.

Received appreciations from various other Organizations.


Provide Note books, Uniforms, School Bags, Shoes and socks ,Coaching classes ,food and shelter for a poor child-Rs 20000/ year for the Hostel children.
Sponsor food and schooling for a Drop out child Rs.12500/ year.
Sponsor Nutritious Breakfast to a slum Child in Bangalore 3600/year.
Sponsor Self Employment Skill Training to a BPL woman/Youth. Rs 2400/Candidate.
Sponsor a child for special Education – Rs.3000/- per month.
Be a Friend of Manav Charities by donating a little amount of Rs.1200/- regularly.


To feed nutritious meals to slum children in Bangalore.
To educate the Drop out children from very poor family back ground and Orphans.
To help Below Poverty Line women learn new skills and start self employment e.g., Tailoring,.
To provide free medical services to the underprivileged.
To provide special education, occasional skill training and JOC for differently abled.
To provide shelter for children in need of care and protection.

What You Get By Donating ?
Income Tax exemption for your donation under 80G of Income tax Act.
Welcome Kit.
Sense of satisfaction.


Thousands of children live in slums of cities like Bangalore and struggle to get ONE square meal A DAY.
Our Vision here is to ensure that 'No child in India is left hungry’
7000 slum children are being provided nutritious Breakfast every day throughout the year in about 18 locations of India.
Over 63000 children have been fed so far.


We dream of a world wherein people, especially women and children leading and enjoying a healthy and dignified life.
Manav Charities is a registered NGO working in the field of socio-economic and educational development in order to uplift downtrodden people.


To provide education to poor and differently abled children.
To empower the women and provide opportunities to generate income.
To provide better health facilities and take measures to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.
To care for the aged & adopt a green environment
To build a society where dignity, justice and equity rule.
To address the problems faced by the destitute; especially Children and women.
To provide basic services to everyone, with a focus on Education and Health.
To empower individuals through vocational training and Self-Help Groups.
To empower and enrich the lives of differently abled.


How you can participate ?

By donating regularly for food and      educational needs of a poor child.
Enlisting as a volunteer;
By introducing Manav Charities to      CSR and your friends;
By supporting Manav Charities in its      Mission;
By promoting Manav Charities in      your City/Taluk/village.

Why you should support us ?

To help Manav Charities feed,      educate and care for the slum, drop      out children.
To empower BPL women/Youths &      help them to achieve.
To be a part of a greater CSR      movement;
To avail yourself the opportunity of      giving back to the society;