Government School Adoption Program (GAP)

Educate a Child today.

We provide yearly Uniforms, Notebooks, Shoes and Socks. Our purpose is to fulfill the educational needs and to improve the quality of education of the poor and under-privileged children. This ensures that each child attends the school and does not stay away in need of educational materials and minimizes school dropouts. We had adopted 60 schools from Bangalore, Bijapur, Belguam, and Dharwad covering 9000 children. we had provided yearly the necessary things.

Adopted 62 Government Schools from different districts viz., Bangalore, Bijapur, Belgaum and Dharwad in Karnataka. Fulfilling the educational needs of the poor, deserving children by providing Bursary Support.

Major impact- Reduction in Drop out rate.

Over 1,51,900 Children have received the benefits so far.

Note books----------125000/year
School uniforms----1000 /year
School bags----------1000/year
Shoes and socks------1000 pair/year

Empowering the children to build up skills for endurance.

Our commitment is to entitle children to become a catalyst in transforming lives by developing life skills to build better future with focus and a determined goal.

This helps to build their self-confidence and to understand their abilities. Incorporate them into their perspective for a richer and more power full communication.

Training will be carried out for 10 sessions in their respective classes.

It provides guidance, advice and equip the students with knowledge to stay ahead of today’s competition.

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