Remedial and Counseling Centre (RCC)

Enriching Intelligent and Emotional Quotient

We Provide scientifically designed remedial intervention for the normal school going children who has scholastic issues, Career Guidance, Career Counseling, Adolescent and Family Counseling.

Assessment, Counseling and Remedial centre has the most precise and scientific collections of standardized psychological and psycho- educational assessments. We have test kits suitable to children, adolescents and a few for adults. We have expert professionals, trained psychologists, counselors and remedial tutors to administer and interpret the various tests and provide detailed reports with required interventions to the clients. We administer these tests primarily on children who have shown some kind of lacuna in certain academic areas. We offer our expertise in the field of SLD ( Specific Learning Disabilities).

We empathize with those newly diagnosed families who are finding their way through the sometimes confusing process of securing treatment and funding while simultaneously coping with the diagnosis of their child.


Day care Center for Senior Citizens at Mathikere in Bangalore for 127 members.

These elders are at our centre from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

We provide snacks, lunch and medical facilities and with the facility of a library consisting of newspapers and books.

For recreation Television. We conduct annual sports meet.

Regular awareness workshops on their aging ailments

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