Self Enhancement Course (SEC)

Empowering the children to build up skills for endurance.

Our commitment is to entitle children to become a catalyst in transforming lives by developing life skills to build better future with focus and a determined goal.This helps to build their self-confidence and to understand their abilities. Incorporate them into their perspective for a richer and more power full communication.

Training will be carried out for 10 sessions in their respective classes. It provides guidance, advice and equip the students with knowledge to stay ahead of today’s competition.

Road Safety Program

About 17 deaths take place every hour in road accidents in India. Over 150000 deaths in a year.

We have sensitized over 16800 car and bike riders.

With the help of local NGO Partners, Manav Charities conducts Awareness programs to bring down the accidents that are taking place in this country.

Communal Harmony Program

Harmony is natural, disharmony is man-made.

Raise awareness on Communal Harmony in our diverse society.

workshops to sensitize people from different communities, from all age groups including YOUTH & WOMEN.

Workshops on Communal Harmony in various parts of Karnataka, Rajasthan and Punjab.

Over 1900 people have participated from various colleges and social groups.

Self help group for Women

We have 540 Self Help Groups for women in Karnataka.

We work for their social, economic and cultural empowerment.

Over 10000 women have received the benefits of our service so far.

Be A Volunteer

Most Trusted

Manav Charities Is Committed To High Standards Of Accountability And Transparency.

Our Experience

The Way You Get Meaning Into Your Life Is To Devote Yourself To Loving Others and care others.

Guaranteed Results

Manav Charities Beliefs In Constructive Results Oriented Programs With Proper Planning.

No Goal Requirement

The Life Of A Man Consists In Active Charity And In Willing Service, love others and care others.